Friday, October 17, 2008

I heart Jozi

so ... last night i'm driving home after an amazing dinner with my friends.... i suddenly see a flash behind me, and think to myself... well, dude, i drive an uno... there's no way i was speeding... maybe someone behind me got caught by a speeding camera.... so i continue driving merrily... and again, i see a flash... now i'm wondering if i am seeing things, coz i didn't see a camera on the side of the road, plus there are not that many cars on the road, and no one is driving like a maniac... (for a change!)....

as i continue down oxford street, i see the sky light up directly behind the Telkom Tower!! it was SO stunning! a thunderstorm was brewing in the night sky... *what an undercover blonde moment i had. the sky lit up so beautifully that i almost wanted to stop driving just to look at it. however... i went straight home, opened my balcony door - i have HUGE glass windows in my lounge, so the view was pretty amazing of the lightening sky - ... my first joburg thunderstorm... the energy in the air was amazing... i just love this city!!


The Telkom Tower is the highest structure in Johannesburg, and is probably the city's most recognisable landmark.

It is interesting to note that the height of the Hillbrow Tower is virtually the same as the length of the Titanic (269m).


Janine / Being Brazen said...

I havent experienced a joburg thunder storm yet - sounds amazing though..


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Perhaps it was the Paparazzi!! LOL

Just kidding...I saw the flashes last night too through my curtains and I got all excited! I just wish it had followed through and RAINED!!!! Argh -enough with the drought!!

mylifescape said...

lol, hahaha... don't joke.. i thought, you know.. celeb status from CT must have followed me... but nope, just the weather man! haha

i know i know.. its like a tease hey... all lights, camera but no action, no performance!!

Marius said...

wow beautiful pic... i stay a bit further away from that part of the world but on a clear night i can still see the tower from edenvale

i have this awesome sunset pic of jhb skyline from my bedroom window - i'll email it to u if u want.