Thursday, October 23, 2008


do you know where you're going?
what do you dream of?
are you living your truth? what do you want?
what makes you smile?

what does your heart desire?

...walk towards that!


Unknown said...

I was wondering if anyone believes in destiny?

Thirtysomething said...

I believe in Destiny- Universal destiny. This really makes you think, and i can tell you honestly... i'm going in the right direction. Thank you again my friend for pointing that out to me. Your blog inspires me everyday

mylifescape said...

Hi Darius, i'll check it out.

I believe in destiny for sure... but also in choice. Many people leave things to fate or destiny to avoid responsiblity, but i believe fate puts you in a situation or fate brings two people/friends/lovers together - but its you CHOICE to choose a certain path or to persue a friendship or relationship etc by listening to your intuition... that way you reach your destiny ...

Bambi - thanks you for the lovely comment - i'm glad to hear that my blog inspires you!

Unknown said...

I believe the same as you, Mylifescape, in both destiny and your own choice.

I am looking at doing a reiki course next year, could you explain to me (you could email if it's easier) just a little more about it? Do you have be psychic to be good at Reiki? Do you have to see auras and that sort of thing? If you have time, the lady's website is who is doing the course. The details are on there. Does it sound right? Sorry, only if you have time. I know the internet chews up time. I just don't know much about reiki but am fascinated with the idea of energy healing.

mylifescape said...

no probs kitty - send me your email addy to and i'll mail u back :)