Thursday, October 16, 2008

inspirational message ....


Thirtysomething said...

I've read the book the Secret. i loved it. I felt as if this message was for me today, knowing it wasn't i wanted to thank you! I cried, and it helped me realize the path im about to take is the right one. may the sun shine on you softly... bambi

mylifescape said...

It is a great book - I love the principles that they teach - for me i do believe that we create our own reality and destiny. I'm so happy that you feel better - it was for everyone and anyone who needed it... so i think it was for you too if it was what u needed! definately :)

>> i watch this clip very often, as it always inspires me... have a beautiful day and weekend x and stay positive!

Unknown said...

What a great clip! I've actually read two or three books by Ester and Jerry Hicks, they channel Abraham, I think it is? Very good stuff. I read the secret, watched the dvd, and whilst I found it good, I found it too simplistic, it didn't go deep like the Hick's books did. Have you read them? Have you read any Emmanuel books? I think you'd love them, if you haven't.

mylifescape said...

Hey kitty - thx for the great message!

yes i have read a few of them, and LOVE them! they are so inspirational! i actually have the audio files for the "abraham" cd's. they're awesome!

have heard of emanual, but haven't read any of it yet. thx - i'll check them out!

i do prefer the Ester and Jerry clips and books - "ask and it will be given" is a book i recently got, but haven't started reading yet.

also - i find them more indepth and not as materialistic as the secret.. i agree!

have a super day hun x