Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was tagged by KittyCat... so here are my four!

1.four places i go to over and over:
> vida e
> the art shop
> exclusive books
> gym

2. four people who e-mail me regularly:
> bridg
> brigz
> pheston
> simon

3. four of my favorite places to eat:
> fish (sushi) in rosebank
> orient (sushi) – melrsoe arch
> full stop (not sushi) - parkhurst
> at jules place – her man makes a wicked braai

4. four places you'd rather be:
> in cape town
> diving with my brother
> at an ashram in india
> having tea with my reiki teacher in her kitchen

5. four tv shows i could watch over and over:
> seinfeld
> sex and the city
> how i met your mother
> friends
(same last 3 as being brazen… love your work x )

> my friend the rant et raver


Janine / Being Brazen said...

Like your list too - Have to say India was on my mind too when I was thinking about places id rather be - ive always wanted to go there.

We would clearly be great TV watching buddies.hugs

Unknown said...

Now that you mention it, I've also always longed to go to India...and tell me a bit more about your reiki. Are you studying it? Will you practice it?

mylifescape said...

I want to dance on the beach in Goa on New Years... one day ... one day! Id love to go to India for 3 months or something.. who knows :)

kitty: I've finished my reiki course, reiki 1 and 2.. and i haven't had much chance to practice, but i keep up my exersizes and meditation... its really awesome. Have u ever gone for a session or studied reiki?

Unknown said...

I haven't no, but my mom went for a session and was amazed. I'd love to study something like that. Sorry for being a pain, but what is it that you do? Will you practice reiki ever? Were your courses expensive?

mylifescape said...

not being a pain at all!! :)

i work in online marketing... but i've done a few courses in energy work, one being the reiki. it wasn't expensive, can be between R2500 and R4000. They're all over the country with different reiki masters. i did mine in cape town, and moved to Joburg 2 months ago, hence i haven't had the time to practice. its really works and is amazing for brightening up your day to solving life issues! Had loads of sessions myself, and during the course we did lots of practicle. - this is where i did my course :)

hope it helps, anything else, just shout!!

mylifescape said...

PS: I will start doing reiki sessions soon, as soon as I've settled in here.. not sure if i'd do it for a career.. maybe later in life xxx

Unknown said...

I tagged you, now I'm gonna award you! Go collect at my blog! :)