Thursday, October 30, 2008

honest dialogue #2

saturday night ~ bridg's garden ~ dark, can't see where we're walking
heels on foot, bags in hand

only in joburg...

Bridg:: careful careful!!!! to the left - go to the left

me:: why? i'm on the path

Bridg:: no get off the path - my dad puts the dog poop on the path

me:: what? why? thats crazy

Bridg:: so that robbers know we have dogs

me:: but can't they just see the dogs?

Bridg:: oh ja... hmm

honest dialogue #1 can be found here


Unknown said...

Ha ha ha ....very funny! Love the pic of the cute doggy too!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thats funny...hahahaha and I'm sure at the time they thought of this scheme, it made so much sense too!! Hahahaha

mylifescape said...

lol, well, her dad still thinks its a good idea - incase the dog is inside! lol... hilarious!

po said...

hehe waht a cute pic. A booby trapped path, what a brilliant idea!

How weird my word verification today is: styllish. I so am not!

Miss Caught Up said...

LOL that is funny! In a ways it's a good idea, then, I guess you can smell the robbers coming lol

mylifescape said...

haha Po - funny!

Miss Caught up - i didn't think of that hahaha...