Thursday, October 30, 2008

awards, appreciation and fabulousness

I got the Kreativ Blogger awared from Miss Caught Up ~ one of the most fabulously hilarious and entertaining bloggers herself! Thanks ~ you have made my day!

Now what fun are awards unless you pass them on:

So TWO of my other favourite reads:

Being Brazen - I love her friday quotes the most, and I look forward to them every week... her great sense of humour, and the fabulous pics she always finds to compliment her posts!

The Purring Cat - Sometimes I wonder if we were seperated at birth lol... we have so much in common, and enjoy such similar things! I enjoy every post and appreciate the honesty in your writing!

A HUGE Thanks to everyone that stops by my blog and for your comments and notes... its really awesome interacting with such FABULOUS people! I learn so much for you!


Unknown said...

Aw gee, thanks! That's so kind. So wonderful. I love getting a cyber-award! You have just made my day!
By the way, I've referenced you in my post today!

Unknown said...

PS: I also think we may have been separated at birth. We may be soul sisters or something!

Janine / Being Brazen said...

THANK YOU, hun. I feel very very flattered.

Love your blog too :)


mylifescape said...

:) Yay to both of you!!


PS: Kitty I agree hehe... must be soul sisters!

PPS: BB - thanks! glad u love mine too :)

Miss Caught Up said...

You're welcome. And thanks for the wonderful compliments.

That is a cool post-it! :)