Monday, October 20, 2008

things i learnt this weekend

  • Mo√ęt Chandon tastes better when someone randomly buys a bottle for you
  • There are some things time does not heal
  • It’s fun to have a non verbal conversation with a stranger
  • There are times when we hurt the ones we love even though we don’t mean to
  • Sometimes there isn’t a “right” thing to say

  • Running in the rain is so much fun – especially balancing on a pair of heels
  • Being there for your friends, and listening to their same stories over and over is all they need Everyone wants to belong to someone
  • You can’t live your life not doing something because you’re afraid – you’ll end up doing nothing
  • An afternoon of vino and laughing with your girlfriends = the BEST medicine
  • Being spontaneous makes me happy
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Janine / Being Brazen said...

great lessons.

I agree with so many of them. Especially that running in the rain is so much fun and that if you dont do things because you are afraid you dont end up doing some of things you should.

Champagne is always good - but so much better when you dont have to pay for it.


Miss Caught Up said...

Another great post!! I have definitely enjoyed the "It's fun to have a non verbal conversation with a stranger."

po said...

I agree that friends honestly just need someone to listen sometimes, they are not even looking for a response, just an ear.

mylifescape said...

thanks BB! isn't it nice when u sitting at a table with your girl friends and then someone sends over a bottle of Moet.. just like in the movies? lol, it was soooo cool! :)

Miss C - glad u enjoyed the post - i had about an hour "conversation" with a guy across the bar lounge - was hilarious - my friends thought i was crazy and we laughed like u can't believe! was fun!

Exactly Po - we don't always want advice, coz often we KNOW what to do... we just need an ear

Have a stunning week everyone x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Awesome lessons hun!! Really interesting