Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a birthday

another year has passed, and i find myself far from what I imagined life would be like at 31. (21 with 10 years experience- he he)

10 years ago I just got back from traveling around Europe for a year - au pairing in Holland, spent my 21st birthday at home with my parents and a few close friends

9 years ago I was studying Psychology at the University of Port Elizabeth celebrating a tequila induced birthday bash with my student friends, living the free beach bum life

5 years ago I was married living in Cape Town with my controlling husband and 2 cats having a dinner for my birthday and no present from said bad-memoried-husband

3 years ago I was divorced, working in a dead end job, dating an unambitious waiter, going nowhere quickly, without a car and new cats, however, enjoying a birthday on top of the world on a glacier in Austria near Stubai with a great friend... feeling isolated and free at the same time

1 year ago I was happily single, meeting new people, in a job where I was challenged and loving my flat in Camps Bay overlooking the Atlantic ocean, driving my little blue Uno, feeling thirty and fabulous with 25 of my closest friends at the Fire&Ice bar enjoying life and feeling phenomenal - oh, and meeting an unexpected Canadian soldier who was sweeter than maple syrup (winkwink)

today I am living in Johannesburg, working in my newly acquired career as a Media Director for one of Jozi's top Online Media Agencies, zooting round in my Mini Cooper, living in a gorgeous flat in Sandton with my 2 and a half cats (one is still a kitten) and my amazing girlfriend Suzi. I woke up this morning with breakfast, a suprise visit from Shannon and Sharon (my bestest friends), showered with prezzies, love and freshly homebakes bananan muffins, laughing at new found wrinkles and searching for silver threads.

tonight will be drinks at the Sandton Skye Bar overlooking this amazing city, with new friends and collegues who are all so amazing, making my day super special and looking forward to a year filled with challenges and mystery that will unfold with each new day.

I am so grateful for everyone in my life -- those who I have never met... ie. my blogger/twitter friends, who are always so inspiraitonal and uplifting -- some who I am lucky to have met in Joburg thru the interwebs... and with my new friends who are fun and so welcoming and to my close friends who are visiting Jozi or who live here. ~And of course friends from school, varsity, Europe, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth who have remembered my bday!

When I look back at what I've accomplished, and what I've acquired (materially too), what is most important are the people who I have in my life, who I can share my joys and accompishements with and who have the hugs and wise words when I'm having a crappy week, bad hair day and pms!

so what have I learnt in the last year?

Life really is what happens when you making other plans
- so make the best of each day
- don't sweat the small stuff
- treasure those who you love
- smile at a stranger and make their day
- don't be so hard on those closest to you
- enjoy the sun, the cold, the wind and the rain
- whats important is the journey and those along for the ride
- stay in contact with those far away
- anything is possible
- and never stop dreaming

Friday, May 8, 2009

friday thought...

It's not what's happening around you that determines your health, finances, or hotness, but what's happening inside of you - exclusively.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Happiness is here and now. No matter what the situation, no matter what happens on the outside, there is no change in the flow of the inner stream of happiness.


Friday, May 1, 2009

it's been a while and there's a whole lot of new!!

It has been almost a month since my last post - and life has been really busy... here's a quick update:

1. I got a new hair cut!

2. I finally got my new car - loving my little navy blue mini cooper and zooting round Jozi in it!

3. I voted in the South African Elections

4. I started my new job as the Head of Mobmedia - a division of - a really exciting opportunity. I have an awesome team and I am really looking forward to growing the business and the new challenge. Oh and it's less than 2km's from where I live!

5. I got a MacBook - yay yay yay!!!

6. My parents came to visit me in Joburg from Port Elizabeth - we have a close family and I really miss them ... (my brother is still in Cape Town working as a diving instructor... what a life... )

7. I have a new outlook on life - it's my birthday in two weeks time and I will be 31. I have looked back on what I have achieved over the last 3 years, since my divorce, and I have really come leaps and bounds from the girl I was in 2005/6. My 30 was a phenomenal year (more about that in another post).

I will definately be blogging more... the break was good as I needed time to focus on myself and what I have achieved in the last year, and where I am going... a bit of a mini life plan I guess... with flexibility of course, as one should never underestimate the power of change!

Anyway, that is me in a nutshell. I will catch up on reading everyone's blogs and posts ... and comment and share as I go along!

Have a happy friday x