Monday, October 20, 2008

the life you've always wanted

”The moment you take full responsibility for your greatness, your magnificence, your pricelessness and love yourself unconditionally, then live that way without exception, that's when you will end all of your internal struggle and once and for all, have the life you have always wanted.”
– Darshan Shanti


Janine / Being Brazen said...

nice quote

po said...

I like this advice, wish I knew how to put it into practice though.

Sass said...

That's a beautiful quote. And it's the ONE thing I struggle with.

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown said...

I've never read or heard of Darshan Shanti, but what a stunning quote - and what a lovely pic as well! I've read just about every self-help, spiritual dude or book there is! Now am gonna google this person.

Unknown said...

By the way, every movie on your fav movie list (almost) and every book on your fav book list are mine!

mylifescape said...

hi everyone! glad u like the quote!

po: u take responsibility simply by living your truth :) and by being gentle with yourself... sometimes we are way to hard on ourselves!

kitty - thats so cool! ah, we are like 2 peas in a kitty pod! haha... sooo cool!

sending lots of love and positive energy to all of you! thx for stopping by my blog :)


Miss Caught Up said...

A very wise quote.

Thirtysomething said...

BEAUTIFUL, i might have to copy this one on my blog. LOVE IT.

mylifescape said...

THX Miss C and Bambi :)

Miss C - I love quotes - especially ones that are simple and practicle... even tho they might not be easy to impliment, i think if we are aware, we will start walking towards our destiny.

Bambi - WITH PLEASURE!! Glad u like it!