Wednesday, December 31, 2008

good bye 2008 ~ welcome 2009

who knows what lies ahead... the possibilities are endless, the sky is the limit, the world truly is your oyster...

the way i see it... 2009 could be fabulous if you....

- love like you've never been hurt
- don't live in the past - be present in the moment
- allow yourself to receive the gifts that life has in store for you
- remember that you deserve the best
- share more of you with those who are special to you
- give yourself some time, every day, even if its just 10 minutes
- buy yourself a new pair of high heels!
- listen... listen to what you say to YOURSELF... be gentle, be kind, be good to YOU
- live, laugh, and love

let 2009 be the year of YOU!

Monday, December 22, 2008

monday laughter

cookies that burn off their calories for you!

the young and the restless

As an eternal optimist, life has decided to test my limits lately, hence my quietness on my blog. As most of you know, we were burgled, not so long ago, and my work laptop was stolen. So I have been working hard to catch up on work that was not backed up and backing up the work redone :) Then over this weekend, my girlfriends handbag was stolen while we shopping in Sandton City... really, they stole our festive moods.

Being in Joburg has taught me a lot - I have realised how strong I am, and also that its ok to not always be strong too. I haven't had much time to blog, and as my internet connection was also stolen, I haven't had a chance to sort that out, hence I don't blog at home as I used to. So work hours have been work filled, and home time has been somewhat different and not as cheery.

It's been a while since my last post, and I haven't had time to catch up with any of my fabulous blogging friends neither - but know that I still adore you all, and will be dropping by your blog to catch up on all the news!

Life hasn't been the same since the break-in... I have become more paranoid, with every noise waking me, and wondering what it is. I have realised how easy some people are driven "mad" and go insane, as the imagination tries to reason and figure out what each strange and unfamiliar sound is.

What you've missed:
  • I got a new kitten, 6 weeks old, dark grey with blue eyes... her names is Stormy
  • I cut my hair - its gone from looooong, to shoulder length and looks quite fun and cheeky
  • I've caught up on 95% of my work - YAY!!

While all my friends are away, except (literally) one, who is pre-occupied with things of her own... life in Joburg will be rather quiet over the festive season. My girlfriend will be working every day except xmas and the 26th and new years. What will I do with my time?

So instead of being the "sad sally" I have been lately, I have decided that I will take this time to:
  • Watch my favourite movies
  • Get into a good gym routine - my gym has an amazing relaxation and "spa" area!!
  • Read the books I bought but never got chance to get to
  • Lay by the pool and bake in the sun
  • Buy canvases so that I can paint - I love oil painting and have wall space in our new place
And of course - wild nights of fun and fabulousness and debauchery, braai's and chilling round the xmas tree that my oh-so-amazing girlfriend got for us, and we decorated together!

So thats me in a nutshell. I haven't been feeling my normal cheery self. Missing my brother in Cape Town and all my friends, and the normal happenings going on there. I'd much rather be sitting on the balcony of my Camps Bay flat, over looking the ocean, sipping a cosmo and dancing the night away at Karma with my girl friends.

But I'm here in Jozi, and will make the best of it! Shopping is all done, despite the weekends incident and I'm very excited to spoil my honeypie!! Gifts are wrapped and will be put under the xmas tree and Christmas eve will be spent, eating, drinking and being merry!

~ * ~
Many merry and happy wishes to everyone who stops by this post... and I hope that your Holiday season is filled with love, laughter and all things beautiful!

~ * ~

Mwahness to everyone xxx

Monday, December 8, 2008

current addictions

addictions... we all have them ~ some we love some we don't... here are some of mine

lindt chocolate - all flavours... nuff said

fortune cookies - cant get thai / chinese take-aways without the cookie with the fortune! just for fun... of course!

little britain - computer says... nooooo.... the best bbc brit comedy with matt lucas and david walliams

col'cacchio in benmore - even tho my best friend's sister owns it, i'm not being bias, seriously... the best pizza in jozi and the best cocktails!!!! AND to top it off, ice-cream with LINDT chocolate sauce... i'm just saying... addiction to the max

one small seed - the best SA pop culture magazine! fashion, art, design, architecture, lifestyle, music... if you're young and fabulous you have to read it!

being brazen started this trend and now its a monthly must! want to see my previous addictions? read here or here!

24 hours a day

24 hours a day...
that's the one thing we all have...

take a minute to make a difference!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

fabulousness - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

this year has been FABULOUS!
and I've had some FABULOUS bloggers keeping me informed, entertained and up to date with the latest this and that in their oh-so-fabulous lives!

so i've decided to thank these FAB bloggers with a little award, to let you know just how FABULOUS you are... incase you forgot!!

BeingBrazen - the first blog i stumbled upon and started reading regularly. light and cheerful, some good advice and an interesting girl no doubt!

KittyCat - seperated at birth, we have so much in common. i love her stories and the way she writes. intelligent and funny, ups and downs, her reads are a daily must.

BlondeBlogshell - hilariously funny and entertainment at its best, this girl is the epitomy of fabulous. a fellow joburger keeping me up to date with the latest happenings and goings on in jozitown, i love this blog.

- a great mom, a busy life, and always has me in stitches of laughter, her writing style is so fabulous, you can almost hear her speaking to you.

Bambi - random thoughts, blurbs and awesome pics, she shares her life with us with no boundaries. it is truly a refelction of who she is... fun, colourful, joyous, and fabulous!

Prixie - her way with words and her expressive blog takes you to places she's been to... what she hears, what she sees, what she smells... i look forward to every post.

all the blogs i follow add value to my life on a daily basis. thanks to ALL
my bloggerfriends for being so FABULOUS... i love your work!

what you find when you lose something...

when things are taken from us,

we are shown more clearly what we have...
and for that which we have,
we should be grateful.

this week we were burgled. we haven't even been in our new place a week. while we were sleeping, someone climbed up to the third floor of our 'secure' complex, came through the window and stole money and my laptop (with all my work on... which, no, i didn't back up...hard lesson, but learnt).

from this negative experience i am grateful that we were not harmed, and i realised that i have so much to be thankful for and grateful for. life is very precious and those we love are irreplaceable. yes, i have a lot of work to redo and catch up on, however, i won't let this experience taint my love for Joburg or for our new apartment. onward and upward and just keep swimming... that's all we can do.

hence my quote above... we lose certain things in our lives,
sometimes material, sometimes the ones we love,
but that is a time for one to look at what we do have
and know that we are loved...
...and no-one can take that away from us

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where you are...

I see you...

what makes your world go round?

frenchie's bday in franschoek

juan's braai

lunch at fairview... amazing friends

a good laugh

my cat ~
always jumping into boxes and bags and baskets!

the small things in life


these are a few things that make my world go round...

remember its often the small things,
that make the biggest difference in our lives!

Monday, December 1, 2008

world aids day... be part of the change

prevention is better than cure...
and when there is no cure,
prevention is all we have!

make a difference by making the right choices
get tested and be safe!

keep yourself informed
together we can be the change

cyanide & happiness monday