Saturday, February 28, 2009

fun times!

:today: it's been a great weekend in Jozi so far! A fabulous morning at the Jozi food market - we were shopping till we were dropping... i just love all the fresh food and flowers and meats and cheese and cupcakes...

:tonight: now i'm going to prettify myself and go shake some booty at Movida's 1 year bday bash with some of my girl friends! nothing like a good night out! theme is Moulin Rouge! going to try curl my hair and have my sultry outfit ready!

:tomorrow: i'm going shopping for a new fragrance...still not sure what to get - any ideas? maybe Gucci by Gucci (which is what i currently have), Juicy Couture or Narcisco Rodriguez!!??

hope you are having a super weekend too! what you up to??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

things u wish you saw last night at the Oscars!

video and miley, natalie and mickey images from

Miley Cyrus looking phenomenal as usual

Natalie Portman looking breathtakingly gorgeous!

Mikey Rourke -- a very unique - as always

@aplusk and @mrskutcher -- as they're known on twitter, kept us up to date as to what was happening at the Oscar after party video which they hosted! Got to love them!

the hottest and most "real" couple in Hollywood

Ashton holding an Oscar - "Me and penelopes oscar"

The star couple have been keeping fans up to date with the latest Hollywood news and sharing their real lives with us, going where no camera's have been before! Up close and personal has never been so close to any celeb sharing their real lives with the world through twitter. They really are just a normal couple, who are fabulous and famous with real personality.
I heart Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore!

gmail = gfail

for the last hour and 30 minutes, gmail, now dubbed gfail, has been down. this has taken the world of technology by storm! The BBC News report that over 113 million people use Gmail world wide. some have managed to access their mail via iphone, while the rest of the web wait patiently wondering what is happening to their messages saved on google's free mail inbox.

get an update on twitter or twitterfall at an alarming rate -- everyone has something to say! is there life beyong gmail? is there life beyond google? how dependent have we become on the world wide web!?

latest from the UK Guardian - dark clouds over gmail

"Let's count the cost: 25m users, 33% affected; average of $50 per hour lost productivity = $415m per hour economic cost..."

when Gmail said they were going Off Line, we all thought they meant this. is it a PR stunt? Scott Jack thinks so!

The telegraph had this to say:

What has caused the service to crash? Google has declined to say what has caused the Gmail outage, but the crash is particularly surprising because the service is usually very robust. The last major Gmail incident occurred in October, when some users couldn’t access their Gmail accounts for almost a whole day. However, the problem appears more widespread this time around. It seems that the technical issues are affecting only the web-based version of Gmail, and that users are still able to send and receive messages using third-party mail applications, and mobile devices, such as iPhones and other handsets, many of which rely on Gmail’s IMAP (internet message access protocol) capabilities to handle messages, rather than the more common POP3 protocol.

hahaha... i had to just add that for effect :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

LOL cats.... how it works


Happy Friday!
Can you BELIEVE we're more than half way through February! Time really does fly, so make sure you make the best of every moment!

What you up to the weekend?

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The secret of Happiness is Freedom,
and the secret of Freedom,


Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

movie review, yummy drink plus i'm off 2 do something fun...

movie review:

last night i watched 'my sassy girl' on dvd. not your average all-american-young-love romance story. romantic non-the-less, this is a story about a fun, confident yet complicated free spirited girl, Jordan, who intrigues Charlie - a guy-next-door type, who has his simple life all planned out.

watch it, you'll love it!

oh, and i have to tell you...

my new favourite drink:

organic strawberry flavoured soya milk... sounds complicated -- tastes yummy! from woolworths

what i'm going to do now?

.... colour my hair! i love the Garnier 100% Color - it's long lasting, and i love the colour - intense dark brown... PLUS it doesn't have a manky smell like many of these home colours do! with dark hair, its easy to do and easy to manage! off to make myself pretty....

Friday, February 13, 2009

the most important things

friendship is a special kind of love

the most important things in life... are not things

truly, madly, deeply... love is?

office love: today dee and i went to buy a few goodies for our office to spread the love... the girls are getting heart mugs and chocolate filled heart shaped tins, and the boys are getting choccies!

love is in the air... but for many of us, romantic love comes and goes... hold on to the love we share with our pets, our friends, our siblings and for the lucky ones, our parents, as this is a special love that is unconditional and must be nurtured.

love is....
  • chocolates
  • smiling
  • a glass of beyerskloof pinotage
  • purely pink seedless grapes from woolies
  • a picnic at zoo lake
  • playing with my cat
  • kissing my girlfriend
  • dancing
  • a bubble bath
  • swimming in the ocean (indian ocean)
  • shopping with my friends
  • vida e coffee and quattro muffin
  • lindt chocolate
  • new high heel shoes
  • hiking in the mountains
share the love every day with those you love!

"A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous." --Ingrid Bergmen

on this V-day... what is love for you? you can comment with: love is...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tweet, retweet, tweeple... twitter

twitter is a great place to learn and share information, more than just .... 'mylifescape: is going to gym' -- as one tends to do on your facebook -- but rather a place to share new finds, news, ideas and thoughts directly and indirectly with people and strangers alike.

here is a quick video to show you exactly what i mean...

Web 2.0 has and is taking the world by storm, and blogging, twittering, facebooking, youtubing, zoppying, diggiting, redditing and plaxoing are only a few ways to stay connected! how web 2 are you? take the quiz.

if you're on twitter and want to see your tag cloud - check out twittersheep -- follow the flock!

follow me on my blog if you don't already... or follow me on twitter if you feeling adventurous ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i've taken up the challenge!

Shape girls do it on the run!

new year, new challenge! getting fit, and being healthy are two of my main goals for 2009, so to help me stay on the mark, (and help with the weight loss journey) i have decided to take up the 10km challenge!

Shape says: What will I get

The 10km challenge kicks off on Friday, 20 February
Each week you’ll get an updated newsletter and training schedule in your inbox, detailing your three run/walk sessions per week
Shape’s best healthy lifestyle and training advice, along with motivational and inspirational tips to keep you going!
Our pick of the best 10km races for you to run at the end of the programme
Support and encouragement on our Running Club Forum. Find a running buddy and connect with like-minded women in your area
Follow the programme and you’ll be able to run 10km by May! which is when i celebrate my birthday!

Shape says: Why running?

It’s one of the quickest, easiest ways to get fit and lose weight - fit and fabulous
It’s fun and versatile – you can do it on the treadmill, the road or on a forest trail - treadmill for me
It’s social – join a running group, rope in a friend to do it with you, or find a training buddy on our Running Club Forum - i prefer to run alone
There’s no expensive equipment required – all you need is a good pair of trainers - which i have

addicted to blogging? take the test

72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

It's no secret, I love blogging! I love sharing bits of me, and learning more about life, love and everything else on YOUR blog. Is it the community? Getting things off my chest? Feeling like everything is going to be ok coz other people have similar experiences and issues? Or is it simply that I can be creative? A bit of everything I think....

Thanks for stopping by my blog, for your comments and encouragement, and for sharing a piece of YOU with me!

finding the courage

and the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom
Anais Nin

Monday, February 9, 2009

put your best foot forward

seek excitement

seek enlightenment
seek adventure
find your big big love
don't forget to stay curious
but always be cautious
learn from the past
but always go forwards
know that the majority is not always right
and nor are you
chase greatness
and know sometimes that means sacrifice
know when to fight and when run
stand for what you believe in
never walk over the beliefs of others
march boldly into love
but tread lightly with the heart of others
try to be kind
try to be happy
try to leave a legacy when you're gone
and remember its the choices you make today
that shape your tomorrow
so put your best foot forward

absa ad - so inspirational i had to share it

it really is a cats life...

as it started raining last night, i brought the chair in from outside, tidied up a bit and then saw the funniest thing ever....

oooh, i almost forgot

a while back i told you about this fab fun opportunity of being a Gypsy for a party!

i didn't have a chance yet to fill you in on my Gypsy Night! it was a great success. the birthday girl mailed me to tell me that it was her best birthday ever! - she always has fancy dress parties for her bday! i'm so glad that i made her smile. there were so many people that came to see me, who i did 'readings' for, and it was wonderful giving people new hope.

what i learnt that night?

  • we all want reassurance that there really is a silver lining
  • most people want someone just to tell them 'it's going to be ok'
  • some want a simple smile and a reassurance that they're on the right path
  • figuring out where we are, often sheds light onto where we're going
  • change is hard, even when we know the right thing to do
  • feeling like someone understands is empowering -- then you don't feel so alone
  • telling people that they are so much more than their jobs, relationships, being a mother, being a son, being a wife, being a pilot, and so much more than who they perceive themselves to be, changes the way they think and see themselves
  • we all need someone to talk to and to listen who does not know us, who can be non judgmental, honest and positive

i really didn't tell anyone anything they didnt' already know, but the clarification of where they are in their lives and that the future looks bright and positive gave them a sense of hope. and isn't that what we all want... a sense of hope?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

9 things you might want to know about me...

BeingBrazen is always full of great ideas.... not having much to read, she decided to tag all readers to answer a few random questions, so i thought i'd post my answers for others to read... if you're up for it... do the same ... go ahead... answer in my comments ... *smile*

1. Thought for the day: friends are the best medicine
2. Song of the moment: all the same - sick puppies
3. Drink of the moment: ginger martini
4. Next thing you want to buy: playgirl bunny t-shirt (black with a pink bunny -- where do i find one?)
5. Colour of the moment: pink all shades
6. Currently annoyed by: negative people
7. Last laugh? last night, talking about threesomes... randomly.. when 'Canada2' said... "i'd never do it with 2 guys... there is too high a risk that the wrong things will touch!!" hahaha

i've added:
8. Current book: 11 Minutes ~ paulo coehlo
9. Are you on twitter?

friendship isn't how you forget, but how you forgive
not how you listen, but how you understand
not how you see, but how you feel
not how you let go, but how you hold on

more about love

"love is not to be found in someone else, but in our selves; we simply awaken it. but in order to do that, we need the other person. the universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with."

11 minutes ~ paulo coehlo ~p.126

Saturday, February 7, 2009

the best things in life ARE free

Sign of the changing times? What makes us smile really are the simple things in life...

All the same - Sick Puppies

I don't mind where you come from
As long as you come to me
But I don't like illusions I can't see
Them clearly
I don't care, no I wouldn't dare
To fix the twist in you
You've shown me eventually what you'll do
I don't mind
I don't care
As long as you're here


Go ahead and tell me you'll leave again
You'll just come back running
Holding your scarred heart in hand
It's all the same
And I'll take you for who you are
If you take me for everything
And do it all over again
It's all the same

Hours slide and days go by
Till you decide to come
But in-between it always seems too long
For certain
But I have the skill, yeah
I have the will, to breath you in while I can
However long you stay is all that I am

I don't mind, I don't care
As long as you're here

Wrong or Right
Black or White
If I close my eyes
Its all the same

In my life
The compromise
I'll close my eyes
Its all the same

Friday, February 6, 2009


“Don't hold on to anger, hurt or pain.
They steal your energy and keep you from love.”

Leo Buscaglia

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a grey day

With my nose on the window pane, I watch the rain streaming down… or are those my tears?

random conversation

someone asked: how do we know if we're making the right decision?

and a friend replied: one day...after you jump all these day....for the rest of your life things will get easier

Monday, February 2, 2009

a thought

whatever you are feeling
is a perfect reflection
of what is in the process of becoming