Tuesday, February 24, 2009

gmail = gfail

for the last hour and 30 minutes, gmail, now dubbed gfail, has been down. this has taken the world of technology by storm! The BBC News report that over 113 million people use Gmail world wide. some have managed to access their mail via iphone, while the rest of the web wait patiently wondering what is happening to their messages saved on google's free mail inbox.

get an update on twitter or twitterfall at an alarming rate -- everyone has something to say! is there life beyong gmail? is there life beyond google? how dependent have we become on the world wide web!?

latest from the UK Guardian - dark clouds over gmail

"Let's count the cost: 25m users, 33% affected; average of $50 per hour lost productivity = $415m per hour economic cost..."

when Gmail said they were going Off Line, we all thought they meant this. is it a PR stunt? Scott Jack thinks so!

The telegraph had this to say:

What has caused the service to crash? Google has declined to say what has caused the Gmail outage, but the crash is particularly surprising because the service is usually very robust. The last major Gmail incident occurred in October, when some users couldn’t access their Gmail accounts for almost a whole day. However, the problem appears more widespread this time around. It seems that the technical issues are affecting only the web-based version of Gmail, and that users are still able to send and receive messages using third-party mail applications, and mobile devices, such as iPhones and other handsets, many of which rely on Gmail’s IMAP (internet message access protocol) capabilities to handle messages, rather than the more common POP3 protocol.

hahaha... i had to just add that for effect :)


Carlinn said...

I was in a state of panic! my mail started working again a while ago but i still cant use gtalk. there is no life beyond gmail. lol!

Janine / Being Brazen said...

I need my GMAIL....I miss it...*sob*

ZK said...

have to be honest here but i am suffering with out my gmail.i rely on it heavily and even work email comes to it
sigh no

mylifescape said...

my gmail is always open as is my calendar. if i'm bored in a queue i check my mail on my samsung phone.. i AM lost without it! feels like a limb is lost!

girls, what has the world come to!

Sunny said...

hm, I don't use gmail. Lucky me! :)

AngelConradie said...

i can access it fine through a little app i downloaded onto my phone a while ago... thank goodness!

so once again twitter is responsible for breaking news.

Sass said...

Thank goodness it isn't just me. ;)

And yeah...it's really causing me to feel all panicky inside. hee hee. How sad is that?

Tamara said...

What Sass said... It totally messed up my day. Thank goodness we're ok today ;-)