Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ok, so here's a running update

Running is like love; once you’ve experienced it, you understand forever what a blissful thing it
can be… ::from Runner’s World::

Just do it! Nike said it, i'm doing it!

As some of you may know from my previous post, I have taken up the Shape 10km challenge. At this point in time, I can't even THINK that far, never mind actually move at once over that distance! Week one went pretty well with easy walk / run intervals. This week is a bit more tough, coz the running part is more >> obviously! lol.

So I've joined a running club as BoldlyBenny suggested - thanks! :) Starting tonight - once a week, and also mixes up my training a bit. I've also taken MudIsland Mike's suggestion of running outside, and not on the treadmill, and this has worked well - as he said - great scenery and fresh air plus I don't look like I'm trying out an 80's-Michael-Jackson-move - like I feel when I'm on the treadmill at gym! Seriously, the treadmill does scare me when I start moving at more of jog than a walk and the transition... I'm always scared I'm going to do a Michael-Jackson move and moon walk off and land on my chin! Ok, no babies invovled, but you get the picture!

My fitness has increased, I'm down a pants size... and I'm feeling fantastic!

Shape is really awesome - I got my weekly mail on Friday with this weeks training schedule, a training log book and some training tips.

If nemo had legs, he'd be singing, just keep running just keep running >> that's what I have to tell myself when I feel like stopping!

Gotta run (lol... lame) cheers x


Janine / Being Brazen said...

GOOD LUCK...keep it up!


Sass said...

You did something you may or may not have meant to do...

You've got me thinking. I haven't worked out in oh...about two months.

I'm more depressed, more agitated, less motivated, and less agreeable than I was when I exercised regularly.

Exercise, for all the great things it does for your body, is also amazing for the mind.

You've got me *this* much closer to putting the running shoes back on.

Thanks...I think. ;)

Janine / Being Brazen said...

heehee....I do have the Twilight soundtrack -but i did say that in my post when i said which soundtracks i was currently listening to.


mylifescape said...

BB!!! LOL, I just commented on your post again - I have lost the plot! Today, couldn't get out of bed, my shoe broke as I was crossing the road, work is MANIC and I have seriously lost the plot! hahaa...

Thanks for the inspiration and hugs!! MUCH NEEDED!

mylifescape said...

SASS! Put them shoes on and get your ass outside and run SASS run!!! I feel SOO much better and more energetic!

come on... nudge nudge *this* much more closer ;P

po said...

I am impressed. I want to run too but I don't enjoy it much and I have back problems. I admire you! Keep going.

Prixie said...

awww nice. i may start that when i return to sa. being in london has made me appreciate our great weather.

keep up the good work!

Laura said...

Excercise is cool like that! Takes effort to start but then you cant stop :) And the rewards are so cool!!

ENJOY and well done on dropping a pant size -WOOHOO

Sunny said...

The support of the clu mates is really important. Glad you keep on running.

mylifescape said...

Thanks Po, Prixie, Laura and Sunny!

I woke up so fresh this morning and feeling so good - i met my friend (who is a fitness fanatic) for a 4 km walk at 7am! Was a wonderful way to start my day, PLUS i MUST get motivated and in my routine before winter or else i'll frizzle! i know myself - any gap and i'll laze my life away on the couch with a good book - but I am loving the balance and the energy I have!

Prixie when are u back?

Thanks Laura - I want to reach my goal by October - and I have a long journey ahead, but i'm focusing on getting healthy and the weight loss is the bonus!

Tonight is my night off - Vino with the girls after work ;p

boldly benny said...

Congrats, sounds like you are doing really well!

Wenchy said...

And.... u still running?