Friday, October 24, 2008

5 things that make me smile

sunday mornings at the local nursery tea garden
- yes i know.. i sound 30 going on 73 but seriously, it's so beautiful and a bit of paradise in the concrete jungle

- they're lining the streets of joburg - like lilac snow flakes brightening up the dull city streets

reconnecting with old friends and connecting with new friends
- lately i've been connecting with old friends
- i've been living in joburg for almost 3 months and i've met some awesome people

vino vino vino
- i miss the wine farms in cape town and just driving around finding a random vineyard to stop at and do some wine tasting... however, in jozi there are some fabulous restaurants that have excellent wines - so the drinking contnues - happy days!!


- shoes, bags, accessories, mac make up, new towels, new pjs... i love shopping and it always puts a smile on my face - retail therapy amplified!!

do something this weekend that makes your heart smile :)

if you comment on this post - please write one thing that makes u smile too!

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Janine / Being Brazen said...

Great list :)

Theres so many things that make me smile - but i would say my boyfriend makes me smile the most

mylifescape said...

aaah - thats adorable! :)
have a super weekend hun, looking forward to hearing about it x

po said...

Ah soppy me, by boyfriend makes me smile most too, when he does crazy things that only I will laugh at.

mylifescape said...

aaah - you see, love does make the world go round! nice PO!!!

Miss Caught Up said...

Yes, great list indeed!! Happy Friday to you too!

I miss shopping :(

Thirtysomething said...

LOVE the belt and jeans! I also can't live without MAC eyeliner it is THE best!

Hard to name just one: but good Music makes me smile, Love and seeing people in love makes me smile, nature, taking pictures, making friends, laughing (duh) children!

Marius said...

I like your posts - short and to the point. Especially the ones where you mention something about what you've learnt that week.

Spending time with people where you can just enjoy the company - without saying much at all - that makes me smile :-) Have a great week.

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

The jacarandas make me smile too.
And good, robust coffee.