Monday, February 9, 2009

put your best foot forward

seek excitement

seek enlightenment
seek adventure
find your big big love
don't forget to stay curious
but always be cautious
learn from the past
but always go forwards
know that the majority is not always right
and nor are you
chase greatness
and know sometimes that means sacrifice
know when to fight and when run
stand for what you believe in
never walk over the beliefs of others
march boldly into love
but tread lightly with the heart of others
try to be kind
try to be happy
try to leave a legacy when you're gone
and remember its the choices you make today
that shape your tomorrow
so put your best foot forward

absa ad - so inspirational i had to share it


Janine / Being Brazen said...

great ad

dracovolans said...
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po said...

Hey, that is so cool!

I looked up that link you sent me.

Will I really look like that when I grow up??!!

I never though I was so badly educated about my own species.

mylifescape said...


Po i think you're going to be the cutest most beautiful seamonkey in the world when you grow up... i mean, you already are!! :)