Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i've taken up the challenge!

Shape girls do it on the run!

new year, new challenge! getting fit, and being healthy are two of my main goals for 2009, so to help me stay on the mark, (and help with the weight loss journey) i have decided to take up the 10km challenge!

Shape says: What will I get

The 10km challenge kicks off on Friday, 20 February
Each week you’ll get an updated newsletter and training schedule in your inbox, detailing your three run/walk sessions per week
Shape’s best healthy lifestyle and training advice, along with motivational and inspirational tips to keep you going!
Our pick of the best 10km races for you to run at the end of the programme
Support and encouragement on our Running Club Forum. Find a running buddy and connect with like-minded women in your area
Follow the programme and you’ll be able to run 10km by May! which is when i celebrate my birthday!

Shape says: Why running?

It’s one of the quickest, easiest ways to get fit and lose weight - fit and fabulous
It’s fun and versatile – you can do it on the treadmill, the road or on a forest trail - treadmill for me
It’s social – join a running group, rope in a friend to do it with you, or find a training buddy on our Running Club Forum - i prefer to run alone
There’s no expensive equipment required – all you need is a good pair of trainers - which i have


Janine / Being Brazen said...

hmmm..this is a good idea (though I fear running on treadmills)

Hey my birthday is also in May :)

Sunny said...

Good luck on the run!

mylifescape said...

well BB, i started running for the first time on the treadmill a few weeks ago... thought i was going to fall flat on my face... cartoon style.. but i managed! i just did it really slowly... like on 5, then 5.5 then 6....then 6.5 till 8 then ran for a few minutes and then down to 5 again... lol, was hilarious but felt great! Don't worry, if i can do it ANYONE can!

When is your bday? mines the 13th!

Thanks Sunny! I'll need all the luck i can get!

mylifescape said...

lol ... good point MudIsland Mike! :)

boldly benny said...

Good for you, woohoo, well done!

I love running although I struggle up here with the altitude. I did some amazing fitness training through a running club. It might be something for you to look into!

Congrats for signing up! Hey my birthday is on the 10th (on Mothers' Day - bleugh!) so I'll definitely be toasting you :)

mylifescape said...

thanks boldly benny! a few of my friends also belong to a running club... i will totally consider it once i'm in the groove!

ooh, so you, being brazen and I share a birthday month!! WILD!

if you come across any fun races, short distances, please keep me posted!