Sunday, February 8, 2009

9 things you might want to know about me...

BeingBrazen is always full of great ideas.... not having much to read, she decided to tag all readers to answer a few random questions, so i thought i'd post my answers for others to read... if you're up for it... do the same ... go ahead... answer in my comments ... *smile*

1. Thought for the day: friends are the best medicine
2. Song of the moment: all the same - sick puppies
3. Drink of the moment: ginger martini
4. Next thing you want to buy: playgirl bunny t-shirt (black with a pink bunny -- where do i find one?)
5. Colour of the moment: pink all shades
6. Currently annoyed by: negative people
7. Last laugh? last night, talking about threesomes... randomly.. when 'Canada2' said... "i'd never do it with 2 guys... there is too high a risk that the wrong things will touch!!" hahaha

i've added:
8. Current book: 11 Minutes ~ paulo coehlo
9. Are you on twitter?

friendship isn't how you forget, but how you forgive
not how you listen, but how you understand
not how you see, but how you feel
not how you let go, but how you hold on


Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the sweet comment. I guess I'm not my blogging self. Maybe it's the hormones from coming off the Pill? I don't know? I just seem to have lost the urge to blog. But I think of all of you and check in now and then. I'll post on Monday though.

Janine / Being Brazen said...

a ginger martini sounds so interesting - i need to try that ;0

po said...

Yay, another person to follow on Twitter. Am going to go add you now.

I am annoyed by negative people too, but I am one of the most negative people I know. Tricky!

mylifescape said...

Pleasure Kitty! Looking forward to hearing more from you - just be gentle with yourself ... sounds like a lot of changes going on.. plus you have a cute puppy to keep you busy ;)

BB - they are DEEEE.VINE!! Good ones all over Cape Town!

MudIsland Mike - I even ask for Ginger Martini's if they not on the menu - a good barman will whip one up in no time >> warning - there is no turning back :) see u soon ;p

Po!!! I see u found me :) twit twit tweet! Yayness! I'll have to zoop up the positivity measures for you! happy week x

Sunny said...

it's a cute thing to do. I posted it in BeingBrazen's comments area

mylifescape said...

i saw yours on her comments! thanks for stopping by! green is huge - even on the red carpet these days ;)