Friday, January 23, 2009

six random things about me

i love being tagged! funfunfun!

Sass is a fabulous blogger - and i just love her writing style... and the way in which she gives us a perfectly honest and frank view into her very interesting life. you'd love to follow her!

she has tagged me in a meme, and how could i resist?

the rules:
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3. write six random things about yourself.
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six things about me

1. me? a GYPSY! i was on a local site looking at things to do in Jozi, and i found an add. "looking for gypsy actress, for party". so i responded. got a reply. met up with this great girl. she's having a fancy dress party and wants to hire a gypsy to 'read' people. she'll give me info on them, and i will pretend to "know" things about them. at the end of the night, she'll let the cat out of the bag. i'm doing this next week. will keep you posted. think it will be fun. PLUS i get paid for it! how random!!

2. i sometimes regret moving to joburg. i've been here 6 months, and its been a rough ride. i miss my flat in camps bay, the people i used to work with and my brother. i miss the ocean and the view i had and i miss walking on the promenade after work. but what i do like about joburg is my actual job here. its fun, its creative and i'm learning alot. and that is the reason i moved. so thats positive. i'll go back to cape town one day, but for now, i must remember to enjoy where i am, and the fabulous friends i have here. i just need to get out more and meet more fab people!

3. i can dance all night. give me heels, a great top (i'm a jeans girl wherever i go) and a bit of mac and my hair straightner and i will rock the night away! i love partying and love dancing with my girl friends. we have so much fun together and don't give a shite about anyone else. we pull out all the moves and have a blast wherever we go.

4. my brother and i always play tricks on each other. and now that we're far apart we do this over the phone. i'll call him and at the end of the conversation be like... oh and by the way.. i'm pregnant (even tho i have a girlfriend). and he'll be silent, and then say... oooh, congrats... but not sure if i'm being serious or not. then i'll burst out laughing. and he'll call me a cow and we'll laugh.... its just the two of us, he's 4 years younger, we're really close and i just love him to bits!

matt, person, brother

5. i am a sushi slut. i can eat sushi every day. i just love it. one of my favourite places is Orient at Melrose Arch... a fab venue and great sushi! and FiSH in Rosebank is a gem, esp half price Tuesday! And of course, cocktails to go with it! (if you live in Jozi and go to the Orient, order the lotus martini to go with your sushi...!)

6. i am determined to get healthy and shed more than 15kg's this year. being over weight is over. i'm enjoying a healthy eating plan and gym... already losing the kg's so hold thumbs for me!

And that is me!

now pop on over to the sensational sass and read her 6 randomosities (no that's not a real word)

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Superficialgirl said...

Something we have in common - I also miss my flat in camps bay! lol, how random :)

Sunny said...

love the lotus martini, too

mylifescape said...

aaaah, i really miss my life in camps bay! :( boo hoo! looking forward to seeing your list... let me know when u done! did u see I tagged u?

oh sunny, those martini's are going to be the death of me! lol, they are DELICIOUS!!!

Sass said...

Being an idiotic American, I need a converter to tell me how much 15 kgs are. ;)

And I can't WAIT to hear about your gypsy gig. I think that sounds like toooo much fun!

Thanks for participating! Loved, loved, loved reading this!!!!

Kitty Cat said...

I also love dancing the night away! Hey, those lotus martini's sound interesting. And please tell us how the gypsy thing goes. That sounds like something I would do! Fun and you get paid.

Kitty Cat said...

Oh, thanks for the tag. Hmmm...gonna have to think about it.

po said...

That gyspy actress thing sound hilarious, good luck!