Thursday, March 12, 2009

just curious

Just curious...when was the last time you looked into a mirror and addressed yourself as "Gorgeous," "Magnificent," "Beautiful," or "Phenomenal"? matters.

Listen to the things that you say to yourself about you... would you say those same things to a friend or someone you care about? skipped gym, you'll be fat forever
...gosh, you're sooo ugly
...i wish you weren't so loud're so stupid
...i can't believe you lost your keys again
...what an idiot look so stupid
...what were you thinking you fool'll never get that right
...yes, you see, you did it again
...what a looser'll never amount to anything're such a failure

Then why do you say these things to yourself??

Watch your thoughts - they become your words. Be gentle with yourself and be careful what you say to yourself.

you are magnificence
you are love
you are precious
you do matter

and you do make a difference

be the best YOU, coz there is no-one else that can be. see yourself the way others see you...


Sass said...

And I'm now sitting here with tears in my eyes.

You're right.

The things I say to myself, I'd never say to another human being.

Thank you for the reminder.

boldly benny said...

My dad always told me that I should treat myself as I treat my friends because I tend to be hard on myself.

I've been working on it.

Another important thing is for me to speak to my boyfriend as I would a friend. I can lash out at him and I would never do that to a friend. Since I've started doing this, I have a lot more patience and our relationship is stronger.

AngelConradie said...

I can honestly say I've never said the good ones out loud- but I do think them...