Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 important things to remember about life

-- everything you say, must have the value of the last words you ever spoke to someone --

you never know which moment will be the last you see someone
be sacred with your words
speak with love even when you are angry
life really is too short to sweat the small stuff
do you want to right? or do you want to be happy?

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BioniKat said...

Very true and very sad. A few years ago locally a young man was having an argument with his father on his cellphone while riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend. He was distracted and had an accident and died at the scene.

mylifescape said...

wow that is so sad. but a great reminder to us that we need to be careful with our words... as many times we so often say something that we really don't mean, but once spoken is said. thanks for sharing momcat!

SAM said...

Absolute true,Sometimes we say such words to someone but we never intent to to hurt but when we realize that its become too late,
so its always good before you say anythng thinks twice

mylifescape said...

That is so right Ashley - we really have to guard our words - our tongues are sharp and our regrets after and apologies don't change what we have said. Thanks for that.