Sunday, January 27, 2013

Be kind

Be kind.  Be kind to yourself.  Be kind to others.  Being at peace with yourself is not based on the people in your life and their words or actions. Instead of focusing on who is right and who is wrong, when you have the choice, and you always have a choice, practice being kind rather than being right.  With your loved ones, your boss, a waiter, the air hostess, people in the traffic.

You will shift into happiness.  Only you are responsible for how you feel.

How to 'be': When you have a choice, and you always do... to be right or to be kind, start choosing kind.  Operating from ego will bring unnecessary pain.  Being kind, that brings happiness and peace. There is an element of understanding that people who show up in our lives, are here to teach us something about ourselves.  Instead of trying to be right, rather discover these lessons...

People who are good at getting what they want shift their gaze to the things they want.  They know what they desire and they set their intention to a positive outcome.  Are you trying to find your passion?

What do you perceive to be possible for yourself? You may need to relook at what you believe about yourself.

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