Sunday, June 26, 2011


You cannot hold onto people, the past, thoughts and things in order to fill spaces of emptiness and assumed loneliness.  I say assumed because you are never truly alone. Loneliness is a choice of sepearting a part of yourself from the self that you have forgotten.

Look at where you are in life and say: 
"Here I am, it's temporaray but here I am! And it's alright. Here I am on my way to better and better."

Wherever you are is a good place, because from where you are you can choose something different. But only if you make peace with where you are.

- Let go of guilt.
- Make a decision to make peace with where you are, and choose something new!
- Find ways to soften your perspective of where you are and you'll be able to move on.

Remember what it is you desire for your life!  You now know what you don't want, and contrast shows you what you do want! Focus on that which you want!  Be happy in anticipation of receiving that which is coming!

(inspired from Abraham:: Allowing)

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