Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday moment

Today was one of those days, like most Monday's that were uber busy and a mishmash of everything is going on..

1. I have two newbies on my team at work. They're really awesome and now I manage 6 people! I never really saw myself as a career girl till I came to Joburg. I like it! And my team are awesome.

2. My blog got a facelift and new look ... what do you think?

3. I just had some delish hotchoc from our Nestle machine. I love my office space.

4. I've been invited to speak at a Marketing Analytics Conference. Wow! I'm a bit overwhelmed and happy at the same time. It's in November so I have plenty of time to prepare!

5. Very sad news that my cleaning lady passed away this weekend. She got very sick and she died within 3 weeks. She leaves behind 2 amazing children. Lots of love and compassion to them!

6. Friends make my world go round, and I feel blessed to have so many fabulous people in my life.


Tamara said...

I love the new look and it's nice to have an update on your life.

Sorry about your cleaning lady. Congrats on being asked to speak at a conference!

mylifescape said...

Thanks Tamara! Yeah, very sad about my cleaning lady... life is short!

Have a super day lady :)