Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lessons in Being Vulnerable

1. The most human thing we can do is to learn to speak our honest convictions and feelings, and live with the consequences.

2. This is the first requirement of self respect, dignity and honour.

3. Speaking our honest convictions and feelings makes us vulnerable to other people who may ridicule us.

4. Our vulnerablility is the only real thing we can give to other people.

5. It takes no strength to pretend, it takes real strength to be vulnerable.

Give yourself permission and risk being vulnerable.


theVan said...

These sentences are truly amazing! I think being vulnerable can be a very hard way to life, but it's also a great feeling to live without pretending.

And I also really like the text you wrote about yourself / your opinions. Caring about each other is most important.

mylifescape said...

We often think the best thing we could give anyone else is love... that is part of it, but being vulnerable and real, is your essence, and that is what we should be sharing.

c@th said...

This post made my day. <3