Friday, May 1, 2009

it's been a while and there's a whole lot of new!!

It has been almost a month since my last post - and life has been really busy... here's a quick update:

1. I got a new hair cut!

2. I finally got my new car - loving my little navy blue mini cooper and zooting round Jozi in it!

3. I voted in the South African Elections

4. I started my new job as the Head of Mobmedia - a division of - a really exciting opportunity. I have an awesome team and I am really looking forward to growing the business and the new challenge. Oh and it's less than 2km's from where I live!

5. I got a MacBook - yay yay yay!!!

6. My parents came to visit me in Joburg from Port Elizabeth - we have a close family and I really miss them ... (my brother is still in Cape Town working as a diving instructor... what a life... )

7. I have a new outlook on life - it's my birthday in two weeks time and I will be 31. I have looked back on what I have achieved over the last 3 years, since my divorce, and I have really come leaps and bounds from the girl I was in 2005/6. My 30 was a phenomenal year (more about that in another post).

I will definately be blogging more... the break was good as I needed time to focus on myself and what I have achieved in the last year, and where I am going... a bit of a mini life plan I guess... with flexibility of course, as one should never underestimate the power of change!

Anyway, that is me in a nutshell. I will catch up on reading everyone's blogs and posts ... and comment and share as I go along!

Have a happy friday x


Carlinn said...

You look hot babe! :) congrats on the new car! so jealous :)

mylifescape said...

Thanks babe, Joburg is so good for me, and I'm living a far healthier lifestyle than in Cape Town!! :) Love your vids by the way... catching up on all the blogging now ;) mwah x

Sass said...

I'm so glad to see you back!!!

You're such a cutie.

Thirtysomething said...

I was hoping you would return soon! You look fabulous my friend!

SAM said...

Welcome Back!! And you got really good stuff, Cooper, Mac and Mobmedia, sounds like all jackpot all togather.


po said...

Wow, it sounds like a good time for you, I am happy for you!

Laura said...

LOVING that new hair! You look stunning!!

And how totally awesome about the new car - lucky fish :)

mylifescape said...

thanks Sass - its great to be back

hey bambi... i'm feeling fabulous - things are going so well... thx ;D

Hey Ash - yes its so cool, and I'm not very materialistic... so its a real treat for me...

Po - thanks honey - I'm so happy! great to hear from u!

Hey Laura...thx sweets - you're looking just so great!! hope the job hunting is going well holding thumbs x

have a phenomenal week everyone x thanks so much for stopping by and for the comments

Unknown said...

Nice to have you back, by the way.

ZK said...

loving the hair
and my word jhb is def loving you if you already have a new car
[note the jealousy in my eyes ;)]
glad you doing good :D

AngelConradie said...

I love the new look, that photo is fantastic!