Monday, December 8, 2008

current addictions

addictions... we all have them ~ some we love some we don't... here are some of mine

lindt chocolate - all flavours... nuff said

fortune cookies - cant get thai / chinese take-aways without the cookie with the fortune! just for fun... of course!

little britain - computer says... nooooo.... the best bbc brit comedy with matt lucas and david walliams

col'cacchio in benmore - even tho my best friend's sister owns it, i'm not being bias, seriously... the best pizza in jozi and the best cocktails!!!! AND to top it off, ice-cream with LINDT chocolate sauce... i'm just saying... addiction to the max

one small seed - the best SA pop culture magazine! fashion, art, design, architecture, lifestyle, music... if you're young and fabulous you have to read it!

being brazen started this trend and now its a monthly must! want to see my previous addictions? read here or here!


Janine / Being Brazen said...

I love fortune cookies too - so much fun seeing whats inside. I have never heard of that SA mag - I need to check it out :)

Unknown said...

love the fortune cookies! I really can't say that I have been able to get into "Little Britian" I have watched it a few times.. but I just can't like it (as my son would say when h was 4)

Unknown said...

OMG - We really are separated at birth! I am Lindt's number one consumer (or was before my new low GI diet, now it's just occasional) and I too, have to get a fortune cookie at any Chinese restaurant. It's like I can't leave without reading that silly little piece of paper.

LYDIA said...

I have a thing for lindt as well..

mylifescape said...

BeingBrazen, check out the mag, it comes out once every 2 months i think, really great mag!

dizzblnd - yeah, Li'l bri'an is not for everyone... its one of those you either like or it irritates you! lol

Kitty!! TOLD YOU SO!! hahaha... yip yip! I need to detox and low GI during my holidays... i've picked up loads of weight in the last 2 years, now i'm tired of it and want my body back! Any suggestions re low GI books or tips?

Lydia - can't live without it... but will have to curb it when i detox!!

Thanks gals! mwah x

Unknown said...

I bought Patrick Holford's Low GL book. It was pretty good, and explains the difference between GI and GL. Also gives you recipes and shopping lists and what vitamins and minerals will help you "come off" sugar. It's worth it, I do feel much better overall. But it took ages for me to do it properly and feel the effects.

Unknown said...
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Princess Famme said...

V. interesting

Vodka Mom said...

my addictions:
burnt toast
blue cheese filled olives
peanut butter filled pretzels

po said...

little britain! I love some of it, but the peeing lady is too much sometimes!

I love the computer says no though :)

Prixie said...

chocolate - i approve.

my current addiction is the phantom of the opera. im driving everyone nutters!

Thirtysomething said...

we miss you- ok i miss you. hope you're well

mylifescape said...

Thanks Princess Famme

Vodka mom - blue cheese filled olives! Yum... the black or the green olives?

Po - yeah, you either like it or you don't. Some skits are very very "out there"!

Prixie - choc.o.late!! heaven!! :)

Bams - life has been MANIC, mostly all good - taking a bit of strain and catching up on work. thanks for thinking of me... miss'd u too x mwah

mylifescape said...

Thanks Kitty - I'm starting my detox 5 Jan. One full month of no gluten, no dairy and no sugar or caffeine! Going to be a tough one, but i'm up for the challenge. Put on tons of weight after the divorce, now its a new year and time for a new me! Mwah x