Friday, November 28, 2008

want to change your life?

start by changing the way you think
every moment is precious
don't look back and live in the past
this is your now
work with what is presented to you

think positive
dream big
and live your best life
don't waste time
don't play it safe
don't settle for less
take risks
be free
allow yourself to receive
by being open
and grateful for what you already have

you are more than your past
your job does not define who you are
fears and doubt should have no place in your life

only love
create a space for self love
in your life

you have strength
you have courage
you have beauty
you are magnificence
you are amazing
you are love

be that...


Unknown said...

Beautifully written and so true!

BioniKat said...

So positive and so true and also appropriate for so many people all over the world worried about their finances and their jobs. Thanks for sharing these words.

po said...

Hmm, trying to take this advice but it is more of a struggle than you might think.

mylifescape said...

dizzblnd - thanks

momcat - yes, many of us are faced with trying times

po - see it as a challenge rather than a struggle ;)

happy friday fabulous ladies x

Unknown said...

Wonderful words.

nups said...

so true but tough to follow..... we forget the real essence of existance u so effortlesly framed into a poem...
hope we all can live by it..

mylifescape said...

hi kitty and nups...thx for the comments!

nups - its not really THAT hard to live by... its just about choices and living consciously by making decisions that are going to be good for us ;)

have a fantastic week everyone x

Sunny said...

these're wise words.

mylifescape said...

sunny - hope you know how amazing you truly are :)

LYDIA said...

I love this! Great post :) and a great reminder...

mylifescape said...
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mylifescape said...

Hi Lydia... thanks for dropping by my blog, great to have u round! Happy you like the post! have a stunning evening x