Thursday, November 27, 2008

things i've learnt this week

  • moving is stressful on one hand, but gives one the chance to declutter and start afresh
  • where you are is where you have chosen to be - if you want to be somewhere different or do something different, you have to make difference choices
  • holding hands with the one I love makes me feel alive
  • stairs are the devil! :p
  • coral nail polish is summer's red for the toes
  • people who are negative drain me ~ surrounding myself with positive people fill me
  • a smile can go a long way

  • driving around aimlessly and exploring is so much fun
  • if we were all just a little more patient, life would be a whole lot easier
  • i love laying on grass
  • don't take life too seriously... live, laugh and love...
  • i'm a pretty good 'make-up artist' ~ i did my friends make up for her wedding and she looked fabulous!


The Blonde Blogshell said...

That's really are quite a deep refreshing in a self indulgent world :-)

mylifescape said...

:) i am also a wild earth child, obsessive and self indulged at times... but i find my balance and try to stay true to my heart ;) and share those moments with those who drop by xx

K and/or K said...

These are great things to remember every day. Happy Thanksgiving!

nups said...

hi there
this is my first visit to ur blog and i m so glad i did.. feels good to knw someone who shares the same interests in life....
somethng that struck me tat u wrote is where we r in life is really our choice and guess cant complain..thanks for reminding a fellow human being that :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...
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mylifescape said...

Hi K and/or K... there are things to remember, not always easy, but life really is too short to sweat the small stuff ;)

Nups!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Great to have u round! Feel free to add the follow me :)

I love your blog too, just popped on to visit it! Hope everything goes better in your country with the attacks in Mumbai.

Wishing everyone a superb weekend...

much love x

LYDIA said...

"people who are negative drain me ~ surrounding myself with positive people fill me"

I couldn't agree more! I weed all of the negative ones out, I am too sensitive to their energy.