Tuesday, November 4, 2008

current addictions

cupcakes ~ the most brightly coloured little evil treats in the universe! but i'm addicted! - i have found 3 specialist cup cake shops in Joburg so far... life has never been sweeter

google maps ~ easy way to find your way - and to see exactly what the street and building look like... no need for GPS for me... i google my way around town!

havaianas ~ fun and colourful flip flops for any summer day outside of the office... and of course my toes are twinkling with the latest summer candy floss colours

rose wine (i know this says rose as in the flower, but i can't find the e with the thingy on it) ~ the red of summer - what better way to drink your way through the summer days and nights! no particular favourite yet... but Wine Sense at Melrose Arch is a great place to start tasting ... along with some cheese and crackers - i just love summer!

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** being brazen tagged me in September and i've been posting my monthly current addictions ever since... go here to view her latest addictions


Janine / Being Brazen said...

I also LOVE -Cupcakes, Rose and Havaianas

Great addictions.

Thanks for the mention *hugs*

Prixie said...

hmmm cupcakes

Sass said...

I'll join you in my flip-flops for some cupcakes and rose wine.

Although I think cheese and crackers would be better first, then cupcakes later? ;)

Thanks for the smile!

boldly benny said...

Great addictions!

Unknown said...

I've never heard of Havaina's, they look great. Where do you get them? Are they super comfy? I also love painting my little tootsies with bright colours in summer!
Oh no! Why oh why did you have to mention cupcakes? Now I've got a craving....:)

dracovolans said...
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mylifescape said...

BB - Cupcakes are eeeevil! lol
Pleasure re the mention!! You got me addicted to current addictions hehe.

prixie - i'm with u on that!

sass - i think we'd be best friends - LOVE the way you think ;)

Boldly Benny! Hi - thanks for the comment! Have a super day.. i'll stop by your blogg :)

KittyCat - they're the bestest most comfortablest flipflops... go to their website - you can get them at most surf shops... don't be fooled into buying the fake ones tho!