Tuesday, September 30, 2008

current addictions

forgive me father... for I have sinned...its been forever since my last confession... so here goes..

my addictions include 7 fabulous things that so make me smile:

house music * all day, all night, its all bout house music... i just wanna turn it on!

melrose arch * sitting on the terrace enjoying a cocktail... what more is there to life?

gym * i'm really enjoying gym, i look forward to going after a hectic day of work :)

vida e * need I say more? besides the decadent coffee, the quattro muffin will be the death of me! thank goodness for new found love of exersize!

sushi * salmon roses... heaven in one bite!

zoo lake * ambling around the lake on a sunday afternoon, sitting on a park bench with my book, or going for a picnic on a warm sunny day....

apricot yoghurt * i have recently discovered apricot yoghurt... yum... can't live without it!!


Janine / Being Brazen said...

Great addictions - I am doing mine tomorrow (only once a month for me)

I LOVE sushi - luuuuurve it!!! I think it will be on my addiction list too

Have a great evening.

Unknown said...

Interesting addictions - peach yoghurt...which brand? I can't say I've seen it in the shops.

mylifescape said...

hey being brazen... since u tagged me in the beginning of the month, i have loved the idea... a bit early for Oct.. but couldn't resist.. sushi is heavenly!! mwah x

kitty cat... its the danone nutrivita one thats got me... you buy them in little tubs packs of 6 :) yum eeeee xx