Thursday, September 11, 2008

13 things I learnt this week

  • True friends are those that tell you you're beautiful even when you're crying
  • Happiness is only real when shared
  • Hot chocolate is good medicine
  • Red nail polish is the best colour for toes
  • Missing someone you care about is awesome and aweful at the same time
  • Doing the simpler things in life is sometimes the most fun
  • Have faith ~ believe that it is possible... and you will begin to change the reality around you
  • Learn from the challenges life puts in front of you, or else it will just keep teaching you until you've learnt
  • True devotion only appears when we have a desire which we will risk everything to achieve
  • True love can withstand seperation
  • Meditation is the key to knowledge - quietening your mind and listening
  • Who you think you are and who you truly are can be different
  • If you pay attention to each day, you will realise that its a moment of magic

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