Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unlocking your joy

The things that we call "going wrong" in life is actually the distance between the things that are so right and your current perspective about it.

All that is required to move forward is to look in the direction of what you want, and no longer focus on what you don't want.  Give your attention to the positive aspects that are around you, look for things to feel good about, even though there are things to feel bad about, with the determination to train yourself into the best feeling.

Focus on the best of the positive aspects that surround you. Stand where you are right now, and look for things to appreciate even there aren't that many.  Make this your dominant intention, and you will move forward positively in life, when you start feeling hopeful.

When you lean in the direction of what feels best and believe and expect good things to come your way, you will see evidence of this every day.

[inspired by Esther Hicks]

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Prixie said...

your words, as always, truly inspirational.