Sunday, October 7, 2012

1 thing I learnt this month

Jealousy kills love, possessiveness kills love. Be nonjealous if you want great love to happen; if you want your life to grow multidimensionally it needs freedom. 

You need freedom and the person you love needs freedom. In freedom only there. If you really love a person you will allow all the space possible to the person; you will never encroach on his or her freedom. That is the only indication of your love, not those stupid love letters that you write! Any fool can do that -- a computer can do far better than you do! 

A computer can write love letters, there is no problem in it. Your love can be proved only by one thing: how much freedom you are giving to the other -- even the freedom to love others; that is the only indication of your love. 

 And the miracle is, the more we allow each other to love as many people as possible, you will find the person infinitely loving towards you, because love is not money, love is not a commodity. It is an inner energy which grows by sharing, which dies by not sharing.