Monday, April 14, 2008

Things that make me smile...

So often I meet people that take life too seriously...granted we all have our moments, but we get so bogged down by what we don't have, where we haven't been, what we haven't done, bla bla bla... and we forget what is right in front of us... what really matters...what makes us feel warm and fuzzy, what makes us happy... what makes us smile...I put together my little list of things that makes me smile, make me happy...

  • my amazing friends - all of them
  • my cats - jinji and mouse - chasing invisible enemies
  • songs that make me automatically bounce to the rhythm in a very ghetto like fashion
  • sunsets - I have a bit of an ocean view from my flat, the sunsets are stunning
  • my brother - he is so funny i love his dry sense of humour
  • sushi - especially salmon roses
  • a long kiss goodnight
  • finding something you forgot you had - you know that moment ... oh yes, I forgot I had this...
  • being surprised - as long as its pleasant of course! I love suprises
  • blue - all shades, everywhere
  • getting flowers from anyone - especially the "I picked these from my garden" variety
  • the first sun on my face after winter
  • steak - medium rare with cheesy mushroom sauce
  • babies - even the ugly ones that look like old men with no teeth
  • lunch at a vineyard with friends, wine, cheese and chit-chat about this and that
  • gucci - envy me... the one for woman
  • butterflies
  • a first kiss
  • receiving my favourite music clip / youtube clip from a friend on email
  • Davidoff CoolWaters - hmmmmmmm
  • sitting on the grass
  • waking up entangled with someone fabulous
  • going for a long drive in the country side - on the road to nowhere
  • picnics
  • concerts in the park
  • the smell of jasmine and lavenders
  • an old couple holding hands
  • lindt chocolate - the red ones
  • playing piano
  • singing when I'm driving... even if people are watching me
  • someone playing with my hair
  • going for a pedicure
  • climging up lions head for the first time
  • being confident
  • holding hands
  • puppies
  • spooning
  • funky coffee mugs
  • warm blueberry muffins
  • walking on the beach in winter - on a non windy day
  • funny ringtones
  • blue irises
  • bumping into an old friend - that I liked and still do
  • making new friends
  • buying a new couch
  • having nonsensicle conversations, just because
  • Dutch people - those from Holland - such an awesome bunch of open minded people
  • camping and waking up to the doves
  • swimming
  • la senza underwear
  • driving up table mountain with a flask of coffee
  • todlers playing with other todlers - in a world of their own
  • unintentionally making other people smile
  • sunset cocktails with my girl-friends
  • penguins
  • watching the squirels play in the pine tree outside from my couch
  • friends - the series
  • birthdays and birthday parties
  • free gifts with purchases, vouchers, loyalty points and free airtime at the end of the month
  • 80s music karaoke
  • randomness
  • city life


greybe said...

wow che - nice list. who knew you were a pianist. you should play for me sometime!

Janine / Being Brazen said...

now thats a list...good that you have sooo many things that make you happy :)