Thursday, September 11, 2008

to buy or not to buy - now there's a question!

to buy or not to buy... to be or not to be...

I've been inspired by
Miss Caught Up with her new blog about curbing the big spend! I'm following her journey closely, as I too have become a consumer that is suckered by good advertising and packaging and clever marketing ploys. I often find myself having purchased something completely unecessary on an impulse of I JUST HAVE TO HAVE THOSE!

If we look at what we have, what we want and what we need, I think for me personally I will make better decisions about what to buy or not to buy! What is necessary and what can seriously wait.

I have also put together a one year budget!!! so that I can pay off my debt and see where I spend my money. It's great to have a plan, so I can see where I'm headed, and when I am in the shoe shop, with the perfect pair of shoes glistening on my feet I can make a conscious purchasing decision. Knowing that I have a plan will remind me not to make an impulsive purchase which I will later regret!

This has also given me the space to look at my life and how much I waste, and how much of what I have defines who I am. What is perhaps more important is who I am as a person, to treat myself and people around me with respect... to inspire others, to be kind to the environment, to enjoy the sunshine on my face or the wind in my hair... and to appreciate and be greatful for what I have! That is being... what you have does not define who you are - who you are, is far more than that! Yes, having gadgets, and pretty things definately makes the journey more fun, but everything within perspective... umm... and budget! :)

It is important to BE so that you can DO and then you will HAVE! Rather than having, so that you can do and then be. If you can't BE, then in fact, you HAVE nothing!


Being Brazen said...

I totally and utterly agree with your thoughts here.

Sometimes stuff is just stuff and just because you have alot of stuff it really doesnt mean anything.

Good luck with your budget - I reaaaalllyy need to make a budget too.

mylifescape said...

Thx BB!! When I moved from CT I threw out TONS of stuff... and that was part of my journey of letting go of things that didn't really matter... its a great feeling! Yeah, good luck on the budget thing.. phew!!