Friday, January 30, 2009

friday fluctuations of the asian persuasion

An Asian woman traveling in Australia goes into a local Bank Branch and begins exchanging her money.

After the transaction is complete she asks the teller 'Why it change, yesterday I get two hunat dollar for my money, today I only get hunat eighty?'

The teller looked over his glasses and says very slowly....'fluctuations'.

The Asian woman narrows her eyes and says,

'fluck you Aussies too'


Sass said...

I wish I could type the laugh I just gave this joke.

Kind of a "Oh, ho ho ho...*sigh*, oh..."

Yeah, no, that sounds sexual, and it wasn't. Not remotely.

Never mind, just know that you made me crack up.

mylifescape said...

whahahahaa... i wish I COULD type the laugh i just made to your comment!! Wha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This joke had our office in stitches!

Prixie said...

;p thats so funny :)

Bambi said...

TAG- you're it... check out my site for details.

Raj said...

LOL.. thats hillarious.
nice blog btw, the title pic seems to be from Italy?

mylifescape said...

Thanks Prixie, Bams and Raj!

Raj, the pic is from Portugal... close ;p