Monday, January 26, 2009

breakfasts, birthdays, bbq's, baby's, breakups

what a wild weekend! there is nothing better in life that great friends, great food and great moments of letting go... but great friends are hard to come by.

we had the most fun girls night on friday... great to remember, i'm sure some of us wish we could... tequilla is always a good idea at the time... we danced, we laughed, we caught up... it was a blast! oh and did i mention i met rijk neetling? famous south african swimmer... and yes, i had a pic taken with him! hehee... i'm SUCH a poser!

rijk ~ heavenly

when it comes to some friends, you know that the 'sell by date' is soon coming... that happend when i went to my friends bday celebration at a club down the road, (after a WILD time at the Baron in Sandton with my favourite girlfriends... )... and she practically ignored me completely after begggggggging me to come... anyway... long time coming... point is, when u know a friendship is over, best to keep on moving... and i don't really feel bad about it! onward and upward!


if you live in Jozi you have to go to the Jozi food market on saturdays. its so much fun. jules and i did that, and ended up at Moema's. a fabulously quaint cafe slash deli that offers a different menu every few weeks, and has the most amazing food.

food market

all the girls came over to our place for a bbq (braai for the local SA's) and vino vino vino on saturday evening! we are all in our late 20's early 30's and we are all walking different paths.... some going overseas, some not sure where to next, some having babies, some getting involved, others getting un-volved... and those chasing their career... yet we all have one common thread and that is the search for true love! someone special to share the good times with, someone to hold you when you cry, someone to share an ice-cream with... you know... the small things in life!

on sunday i visited my friend and her new born baby Emma!!! HOOOOOWWWW cute can one baby be! made me so broody, and now i totally understand Kitty's overwhelming desire to procreate! ah man, baby's just smell so nice, they so cute, little finger and tiny toes... i want one... e-bay, here i come ;p

emma little princess!!

seems like so many couples around me are breaking up, and it makes me wonder... what does it take to stay strong and together during difficult times? are some relationships just doomed or do some just come to a surprise halting end? even if we see it coming, are we ever prepared?

a very full weekend... one of the best in Jozi so far!!!


Superficialgirl said...

Lol, Ryk was at my gym once busy swimming and prob spent 30 min on the one leg machine just so i could watch him! the baby is sooooo super cute!

Being Brazen said...

Sounds like such a awesome weekend! :)

mylifescape said...

Superficialgirl - oh he is so gorgeous! haha... 30 minutes one 1 machine... i guess he's all the motivation you need!! and isn't the baby just too adorable!

Being Brazen - it was thanks! It's been a while since i've been so positive in Jozi! :) yay!