Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facing the Shadow

"If our shadows could talk,
They would tell us
That we are as precious as a million pounds of gold
That our brightest light can shine only when we have accepted our darkness
That there is wisdom in every wound
That there is a greater future waiting for us
That we are children of God and have a right to be here
That we were all created equal
That our pain is not personal but belongs to every man and woman alive
That Life is a magical journey of making Peace
With both our Humanity and our Divinity

It would tell us that we deserve better
That we matter...
That we are more powerful than we ever dreamed possible...
And that there's a light at the end of the tunnel...
That there is nobody in the world quite like you...

What if you knew in every cell of your body,
That you were living a Divine Plan
A Plan so important, and vital for the evolution of humankind

What if you knew that everything that was happening right now
That doesn't fit your ego ideal
Is happening to support you in stepping out of the smallness
Of your darkest thoughts
And into the brilliance of your biggest Dream"

Debbie Ford ~ "The Shadow Effect"

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