Friday, August 29, 2008

Sometimes I feel...

Sometimes things happen and we don't know why,
Sometimes things happen that make us cry,
Sometimes things happen even though we try,
Sometimes lifes unfair and my tears won't dry.

Why do we make choices we regret,
Why do we do things we wish we could forget?

Life just has a way of doing what it wants today
When all you want is whats so far away
No matter what you wish or what you say
Sometimes there's no option, and that's where you'll stay.


Being Brazen said...

Sad lines..hope everything ok.

btw - you are tagged in my new post

mylifescape said...

thanks so much for the thoughts, having a much better week ~ been a bit tough the last week, but things are on the up! thx for the addiction post... i love it... mine is done :)