Monday, October 19, 2009

today is your blank page

In all the times past and in all the times to come, there was and never will be, an exact replica of today.

There will never be another day like today. And there will be another man or woman like you. Because you are as different and unexpected as each day. Think of it...

Each day might be measured by time but it actually made up of moments. And it is moments that colour our days and allow us to be the men and woman we are. Like a blank page, the possibilities are endless.

Today is your blank page.

Today is about making choices and living the outcomes. About taking the initiative. It is the rational and irrational. Celebrating our frailties and facing our fears. It is insight and exploration, energy and passion. It is about independence, originality and strength. Today is about discovering direction and relishing the change, creating the things you want. About desires, the present, the future and opportunity!

That is the essence of today.
That is the essence of being you.

(Copy adapted from Oggi watches advert | Image source can be found here)