Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my way or the highway!

i stumbled upon this site: image chef - where you can customise your own signs!

sometimes it would be easier to express yourself better if you had sign - instead of wasting your breath, you could show the sign to....the irritating guy in the queue, the incompetent waiter, your boss.... your "why must you chew soooo loud" colleague, your dog, your ex, your boyfriend, the guy at the drive-thru, the crazy person who cut you off in traffic... the guy that didnt notice your smile... the guy that did.... ~ so... here goes - try it out and post on your blog, and tag another blogger to do the same! See how creative you can get! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

click here to make your own sign now... road sign, door tag, vegas sign, street sign, cinema sign, store sign, taxi sign! Go wild!

Being Brazen
Kitty Cat
Peas on Toast
The BlondeBlogshell
Rant et Rave
Miss Caught Up


po said...

will check it out.

Kitty Cat said...

Sounds fun, so let me just get this right, we go to the site and make our own sign? (Sorry, you're talking to the platinum here).

Kitty Cat said...

I clicked on the link on your post, but an error came up, so give me the actual website address so I can try please.

Bambi said...

YOu brighten my day... thank you for that... i might have to change it once in a while like 'Gangsta lean" or something ;) Thank you for the smile. love your blog.

Bambi said...

Kitty CAt- I had to manually type it in my browser, otherwise it came up as unidentified... try that.

mylifescape said...

ha.. let's try again ;)

mylifescape said...

thanks guys! hope u have fun!!

Miss Caught Up said...

LOL Oh! I love this!!! This sounds like such fun!! I'll post it tomorrow! Thanks for the tag :)

mylifescape said...

hey kitty cat - lol, had my own undercover blonde moment there... fixed the url... i mean... REALLY NOW! lol

yip, simple as... the instructions are there, u don't need to sign in... just make your sign, copy the code, and voi la! you are signed !!

Kitty Cat said...

Mine is done - that was fun and easy!

mylifescape said...

Love it kitty cat!!

Being Brazen said...

MINE is done - Click here to see:


or just visit my blog

neil, the ranter said...

thanks for the tag. i lurve this image station thingie. rantetrave seriously needs an overhaul and me thinks a nice new banner is in order.

luv you long time... (sue me, i heart mariah!)

and thanks for the tag!!

mylifescape said...

Nice one Brazen!! :)

Neil darling, i love your work !! see u at the theatre ;) xxx

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